It's not easy being Green

Brought to you by... Red Boots of DOOM!

grnjenny / Jennifer Carlson
I moved back to Minneapolis (from Milwaukee) in October 2013.
I have played in the Society for Creative Anachronism for 20 years now, and I still find fantastic new things to learn and great people every time I attend an event. Surprised myself by really digging fencing and wanting very badly to be a lot better, because I'm not the competitive type at all (serious turn-off, in fact).
I love movies and books. Have also started gaming (D&D), which is serious fun (I even have my own dice - what a geek).
I have also taken up scrapbooking... lord help me, like I need *another* hobby with lots of "stuff" (read: toys). But it has been awesome to take out photos and organize them into albums. A great outlet for my creativity.